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We are 77Webz - provider of leading Burlington web design solutions for various industries to not only help them grow, but stand apart from the increasing online competition.

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Combining years of experience in professional web design with innovative digital marketing services.

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and development

Our Burlington web design and development experts collaborate to ensure the backbone of your website and the front end go hand-in-hand so it can look and function at its best at all times. More importantly, they make sure that your website truly represents you.

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responsive websites

Chances are, your website visitors are on their phone or tablet browsing through your products and services, but if your website isn't mobile-friendly, they won't stick around. That's why we build a mobile-responsive website so you can reach a wider audience and retain their attention.

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Search engine

On-page SEO is vital when it comes to ensuring your website is seen by your target audience at the right time and so Google recognizes you as a thought leader in your respective industry. Our SEO team is highly-experienced and dedicated to keeping your website up-to-date with ranking keywords.

Websites updates

Improved online

A new, powerful, and unique Burlington web design that is user-friendly and of the highest quality can drastically improve your overall internet presence. Through consistent communication, high-quality imagery and optimized content, we can help your website reach a wider, relevant audience.

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Virtual & in-person

Our leading Burlington web designer, Jan, would be more than happy to meet with you regarding your new web design ideas, what your goals are, and just get to know you better either virtually, or in-person. He makes himself readily available for consultations before, during, and even after the Burlington web design process.

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We want you to be able to visually see a difference in your Burlington website visitors and rest assured knowing that our marketing efforts have really helped make a difference. Plus, we just like to keep in touch with our clients. Consistent communication and building lasting, professional relationships mean a lot to us.

Websites consultation

Social media

In order to improve the user experience and make your website even more interactive, we'll incorporate your social media profiles so your customers can check out your products and services in more ways than one. This can also increase web traffic to your business website.

Websites consultation

Your satisfaction

We know how much your business and your website mean to you. That's why, during the designing process, we ensure you're kept up to date with design layouts, changes, and everything in between. If you aren't happy with anything, let us know and we'll fix it so you're 100%. Customer service is of utmost importance to us.

our Burlington web design expert

Burlington, Ontario may have many professional web design businesses, but do they focus on solutions for your entire website? While we started out as a Burlington web design company, our web design leader, Jan, wanted to take things to a whole other level. Jan took his web design services and began combining them with other efficient online marketing tactics so clients in Burlington could start reaching their overall business goals with the help of one Burlington web design company.


Recently completed work for our local clients



Our website design portfolio consists of many types of projects. Please review some of our recent work on the main website. To contact us for a free, non-obligation quote please call us at 647.338.5110. You can also reach me via , or LinkedIn. Examples of responsive websites

Work With 77Webz?


Our web design and development company has always believed that a strong and personalized web design is key to helping businesses succeed and, in turn, helping business owners reach their well-deserved goals. But that's not all. Here's why you should consider working with our designers in Burlington:

Personalized Web Designs

We don't just build a website blindly. We truly get to know our Burlington clients so we can add your personal flair to your web design and make it unique to you. Need a logo design too? No problem! Our graphic design experts can incorporate that into your personalized design services as well.

Built From Scratch

No templates here! Just skilled and dedicated web development and design experts who build and create unique websites from scratch so it stands out and speaks true to you and your brand. We're firm believers that a great web design shouldn't come from already-used templates.

Burlington Web Design and Development For All Businesses

We have worked with all kinds of business professionals in Burlington and have built websites for e-commerce clients, real estate agents, social media marketing agencies, fitness experts, and many more.

  • 1/ Original designs
  • 2/ Satisfaction guarantee
  • 3/ Search engine optimization
  • 4/ Local SEO assisstance
  • 5/ Social media integration
  • 6/ Wordpress + e-commerce
  • 7/ Free initial consultation
  • 8/ Fair pricing (no crazy agency fees)


update your Burlington website?

We offer Burlington website updating services so your site can continue to rank on the search engine king: Google. Just like SEO content needs to be updated, so do websites and your web design. Updated sites continue to enhance the user experience, remains responsive, and fit in with modern styles and features. More importantly, it continues to improve the results you desire. If your website or web design hasn't been updated in the last three to four years, it's time to get in touch with our creative professionals who specialize in the design and development of modern websites in Burlington.

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If you live in Burlington and want to work with a web design company that is full of passionate, full-service web designers, you've come to the right place. We strive to provide cost-effective services for everyone so that your business website can truly reflect you, your business's core values, and help you reach your goals without costing you a fortune.

Whether you have an e-commerce site, own a restaurant, or are another marketer looking for an exceptional new site, get started by giving our Burlington team a call. We'll ask a few questions and then provide you with a free quote. No hidden costs. Just honest pricing from an honest team who are looking forward to being able to excel on the project you have in mind.

web design made easy

Another reason to work with our Burlington web design team is that we make the process as easy as possible for you. We have one contact so communication is simple, and we have graphic designers, website design experts, and developers who listen to your requests so that the job can get done right the first time around, and we have years of valuable experience assisting all kinds of industries in Burlington grow their business, so no niche is too far-fetched for us.