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Hello! My name is Jan and I am a web designer based in Milton, Ontario who is passionate about his job and builds beautiful and accessible websites. I specialize in custom, optimized-for-conversion, and responsive website design.





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Website design

I create custom-made websites that are engaging, creative, web standards based, mobile-friendly, and fast. I work hard to make my web design engine friendly, which ultimately comes down to an increased number of visitors to support your digital marketing efforts. My custom website designs include content management system (CMS) functionality like WordPress if required and front-end enhancements adding to the general appeal of the user interface design and ease of updates.



Search engine optimization is the key factor in ranking well in search engines and search results. Properly optimized websites are everything in today's highly competitive markets to reach new customers. Whether it's a large corporation or a small business, I create custom websites that truly help their businesses grow. By creating aesthetically pleasing online experiences that strongly support their digital marketing efforts, you will experience more conversions from your online visitors.


Website development

While a web design company may only focus on the look of the website, I focus on the website functionality. My website development and web design services are backed up by solid coding skills, which result in accessible and engaging web pages. Proper coding techniques in connection with strategic placement of content on websites have a tremendous impact on your SEO efforts and improve conversion rates. I am a blended development company that combines the benefits of both web design and web development in your web design project.



With thousands of websites out there today it is very important for businesses to provide the ultimate online experience to increase traffic and turn visitors into new customers. I make sure that my clients have their websites monitored 24/7 in order to help support a competitive analysis or use them to support your business team with audience demographic information. Analytics will also help in conversion optimization and conversion rate optimization to help you adjust your content strategy and target more customers in your targeted industries.


Website updates

Website updates are an integral part of my web design services. Updated content on web pages gives visitors a reason to return. It is especially important when running promotional campaigns or simply adding a new service to your website. It also gives your site proper authority as outdated content can make your content look irrelevant and less professional. If you're looking for website design and development services in Milton to support your business, I can help.


User experience

It's one thing to get visitors on your site, it's another thing to get them to stay and contact you. This is where a website design agency can help. As a blended Milton web design company and web development company, I can develop a website that functions well in the eyes of a user, and helps convert visitors for more leads. Good web design and user experience mean more leads. This will increase sales and help the business goals of any large or small businesses.

How I build value for my clients


Responsive web design

Whether it's optimizing an existing web page or putting together a new website design, having your presence online and on Google has never been more important. Being online and showing up in Google allows your business to gather more leads which will serve the bottom line of your business with more customers. Trust me as a website development partner for your design and development needs.

The value of my services comes as a comprehensive approach to web designs. I merge the science of web design, web development, search engine optimization, as well as strategic content creation and placement into one powerful mix that turns your visitors into clients through quality sites. I offer website design solutions that work beautifully on any device and are resolution-independent. All of the website design and web development work is done here locally in Milton, Ontario and serving businesses globally. If you're looking for locally curated web design in Milton by a team of local web developers, look no further than our web design company. I am ready to support your web design and website development needs.

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