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We are 77Webz - an Oakville, Ontario based web design agency who are passionate about our job and your internet marketing needs. We engage in optimized website development to create a responsive web design that will help your business convert online leads and visitors into paying customers.

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Website Development & Web Design Services


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We provide our clients with custom website designs that increase online user engagement, are creative, web standards based, mobile-friendly and fast. We follow a proven online strategy to increase online traffic. We work hard to make every web design search engine friendly which increases the number of visitors to your site and increases the public's trust in you. Each web design includes CMS functionality if required and front-end enhancements adding to the general appeal of the user interface design and ease of updates.



Save money and start ranking organically. If you are a new business in a competitive industry against multiple websites, search engine optimization is the key factor in ranking well in search results. Properly optimized websites are everything in today's highly competitive markets. It is one thing to rank well on Google, but it's another thing to have your audience stay and engage with your website content. We create websites that truly help businesses grow by creating aesthetically pleasing online experiences that strongly support their digital marketing and social media marketing efforts.

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Our Oakville web design services are backed up by solid coding skills, which result in an accessible and engaging corporate website. Proper coding techniques in connection with strategic placement of the right keywords on a website have tremendous impacts on your SEO efforts and thus improve conversion rates. This is the real power of properly executed web development - getting ranked higher on major search engines like Google and Bing!



We help our web design Oakville clients modernize their small businesses and take full advantage of an online marketplace. Save money on rent from standardized brick and mortar stores and take your business online. Reach the global marketplace. We are experts in custom website design leading to a finished product that is designed in such a way that they are engaging, creative, web standards based, mobile-friendly and fast. Whether you're an established business or a small business, we have everything you need to run a successful e-commerce business with room to scale.

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Outdated content and design on your website takes away a tremendous amount of trust your clients have in you. Instead of doing web development from the ground up, we provide a lean design process to update your website from its original former glory. We have years of experience updating WordPress websites to ensure they're fine tuned and provide an excellent user experience. There is no need for a complete web development overhaul when you can simply update your website.



Need expert guidance from a web design company? Our decades of professional experience in custom web design has enabled us to provide expert advice to our clients for all their web design and development needs. We also offer more than just Oakville web design services. Once your new website is up and running, our Oakville website consultants can help you set up Google Analytics to measure web design analytics. We go the extra mile to make sure the functionality of your website is driving traffic that supports your business's bottom line. Our consulting services match your business size with affordable prices.

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We push Oakville businesses forward using our creativity and marketing approach in every web design project. Become our client and experience working with the best website design Oakville has to offer.

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Contact us to learn more about our Oakville website development services. Our initial consultation costs you nothing with no obligation. Let's have a chat to learn more about your website and digital marketing goals. Your online success is one click away.


How our web designers build value for our clients with websites

The value of our services comes in a comprehensive approach to designing and building websites. As an Oakville web design agency, we merge the science of web design, web development, SEO as well as strategic content creation and placement into one powerful mix that converts your online visitors into real-life clients. Our web developers offer solutions that work beautifully on any device and are resolution independent. All work is done here locally in Oakville, Ontario at our Oakville web design company and serving businesses in the Greater Toronto area. We understand the Canadian marketplace better than anyone else.


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Creative web design


From Oakville web design work to company logo design refreshes, our design company offers an all-in-one solution to enhance your online presence. As a seasoned Oakville web design agency, our ability to not only design websites, but also develop modern and fast-performing websites is what sets us apart from any other web design Oakville has to offer. You don't need to coordinate between multiple third-party vendors to get your site up and running. Contact 77Webz and you're halfway done.

Glean code


Clean and modern coding is essential when building small businesses their websites. With years of web design experience, we've managed to continuously lean out the web code we implement in all our new website projects. This results in lightning-fast websites. Whether your online audience is viewing your website from a desktop, tablet or mobile device, the website code we use is optimized for any device, browser and operating system.

On-page and off-page seo


Designing a beautiful website is one thing but the real detail comes out when you have a website that ranks well. Our websites incorporate both on-page and off-page SEO techniques to help your site rank better. Search engines undergo hundreds of updates each year to keep their algorithms serving the best content to the end-user. Our team is composed of full-time SEO specialists who are continuously learning about new SEO tactics and testing them in real-world applications. Our team does this to stay ahead of the curve to ensure your marketing needs are met.

Fast websites


Your website's speed plays a critical role in the eyes of Google. Your site speed determines whether your website will offer a good or bad experience. If your site has bad site speed scores, your site is less likely to appear in organic search results like the first page of Google. That is why we put an emphasis on creating ultra-fast websites to ensure your website won't lose its ranking due to site speed. With a combination of clean code and fully customized web design, your speed will have optimal site speed scores.

User experience


No one wants to spend time navigating a cluttered website for an answer to their questions. Information should be easily found and accessible and as a design company, we understand this better than anyone. That's why our designers put user experience at the forefront throughout the entire process of their website development. Each Oakville web design follows best user experience recommendations to make sure they're easily accessible. We put your customer's journey first.

Celint support


With our commitment to excellent customer service, we're able to provide unparalleled support to our clients in a timely manner. Whether you have ongoing questions, need help updating your website or have inquiries about additional SEO services, our team is able to provide support for all our clients with minimal turnaround times. Contact our team today to discuss your website design project and learn about our Oakville web design services.

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What our clients like most about working with us


High quality, original designs

Our team of developers and designers build original Oakville web designs. None of the websites we build are based on pre-made website templates. Unlike other web design Oakville companies, we build custom websites you won't find anywhere else on the internet. Having design and content writing which isn't duplicated is best practice as search engines will view this as original content and such websites have a better chance at ranking.

Ongoing support

Our company doesn't follow the idea of "set it and forget it". The entire web and search engines are continuously evolving and so should your company's website. We offer ongoing support to align with your company needs. Utilizing our ongoing support services allows us to quickly perform changes needed to keep your site fully updated.

Optimized, quality content

The written content on your site will not only be original and unique, but it will be optimized with search engine visibility in mind. We use expert, in-house content copywriters who are well versed in search engine optimization to craft website copy that not only helps convert visitors into customers, but is fully optimized for the right keywords you want to rank for. Make yourself a thought-leader by ranking for many of your industry's top keywords and start having prospective clients contact you.

Comprehensive approach

We don't look at building websites from one angle or through one lens like other web design Oakville has to offer. We take a multi-faceted approach incorporating SEO, UX, site speed and overall website design to ensure your website is the best possible implementation of your business it can be.

Decades of experience

We have decades of experience providing web solutions to many businesses. Whether your website needs a new design, a simple update or changes to the on-page copy for better performance, we can tackle anything. We have grown and evolved alongside the internet's growth and are ready to apply our knowledge to your professional website.

5 star rating says it all

We have a proven track record of helping both existing and new clients. With our mindset of making your business goals our own, clients have felt that we were more like a partner rather than a service provider. We're excited to help every business with their online marketing needs by creating the best possible web design Oakville has seen.